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Spectrum Breaks

Family Holidays

You deserve a fantastic holiday. You deserve a quality spectrum breaks, with your family all having a wonderful time together.

Spectrum Breaks Outdoors

Kids need to be outdoors. We all do. For our health, for fun, to feel alive. Our spectrum breaks for families time to reconnect with each other, in our spacious country property and gardens, in the forests, around the lakes.

Swimming Pool

Everyone loves plunging in a refreshing private pool on a hot summers day

Give your kids the chance at this Autistic Family Holidays property


Take The Break You Deserve


Open-water Swim Lake

There are 2 local lakes that are designed to be swum in.


Plunge In

Our huge swimming pool means you can all have fun in the water.


Recharge in Nature

Relax and revitalise in the surrounding natural environment.

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Family Autism Breaks: What to Expect

Family holidays can be a source of joy and relaxation for many, but for families with autistic children, it can often be challenging to find an appropriate break that suits the unique needs of their child. However, there are many options available for families looking for an autistic-friendly holiday, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both the child and their family. In the UK on the south coast there are a few options, but you might consider travelling further afield for a better vacation, if it is OK with your young person.

Sensory Friendly

One such option is to visit a sensory-friendly amusement park or attraction. Many amusement parks now offer designated sensory-friendly days, which allow children with autism and other parents to enjoy the rides and attractions without the stress of crowds, noise, and bright lights, which might be stressful and too much stimulation for an autistic child and other disabled children. Some attractions also offer “quiet rooms” and sensory areas, maybe an indoor play barn, providing a calm and peaceful environment for children and autistic people to relax and recharge.

Autism Friendly Accommodation

Another option is to stay at a hotel or resort that caters to the needs of autistic kids. Many hotels now offer autism-friendly rooms that are designed to provide a safe and calming environment for children with autism. These rooms often have features such as low lighting, minimal decor, and noise-cancelling curtains to reduce sensory overload. Some hotels also offer specialized activities and programs designed for children with autism, such as sensory play areas and therapy sessions.

Helpful Destination

Camping and caravan parks can also be a great option for families looking for an autistic-friendly break. Many parks offer quiet and peaceful locations and caravans, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots. Some parks also have sensory areas, a games room, outdoor activities, and facilities designed to cater to the needs of children with autism, as well as for parents.

Holiday for Autistic Children

For families looking for a more personalized experience, there are now companies that specialize in providing autistic-friendly holidays. These companies offer bespoke holidays with self catering accommodation, that are tailored to the specific needs of the child and their family, ensuring that they have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Country Facilities to Explore on Holiday

Short breaks can be a method to start autistic people towards enjoying holidays. Young people with autism need slow development, with guidance from their family member. A short break will give them this gentle start. In time other friends, parents of autistic children or even autistic adults might be ok to join them on holiday.

Spend Time With Guests

Regardless of the type of holiday you choose and the age of your child, it’s essential to plan ahead and communicate your child’s needs and requirements with the service provider. This will ensure that they can provide the necessary accommodations and support to make the holiday a success, so you can spend time with family and guest happily.

In conclusion, family holidays for children with autism are becoming increasingly accessible and inclusive. There are now many options available, including sensory-friendly amusement parks, autism-friendly hotels, and specialized holiday providers, providing a stress-free and enjoyable holidays for families with an autistic young person. With careful planning and communication, families can find the perfect short breaks to suit the unique needs of their child, making lasting memories and creating a sense of adventure and exploration for everyone involved. You can then find holiday cottages and accommodation suitable for your family and age range, given any disabilities and special relationships. With support from carers and family you will find the best holiday cottages.

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